How we started

For servicing, Repairs, Custom Work and Overland preparation on all 4x4s Rob Keen is a qualified, British, Motor Technician awarded with an advanced apprenticeship NVQ level 3 Vehicle Maintenance and Repair.

He has always had a passion for motor vehicles, engines, 4x4’s, overlanding and offroading. He has been in the motor trade for over 14 years and with this, comes experience, knowledge and skill. Rob is married to a South African, Mandy who shares his passion for exploring and using these iconic vehicles to discover the unreachable destinations. Rob’s dream was to travel to Morocco where he would test his Discovery 1 and his own driving abilities, but this would not be enough for him. Mandy and Rob decided they would travel down the West coast of Africa and land up in South Africa where they would make a new life for themselves in the African sun. Rob transformed and prepared the Disco into the perfect overlanding vehicle. 18 countries over 11 months, they have arrived in South Africa. With Rob’s skill, experience and expertise from a first world country; he will bring a new level of quality and service to South Africa and your beloved vehicle.

Martin, who also is a Landrover, enthusiast, outdoorsman and engineer joined the team in 2018, after a chance meeting at a campsite. and now is responsible for all the design and fabrication on our range of accessories.

We believe that the customer always comes first - and that means exceptional products and exceptional services. Get in touch today to learn more about what we have to offer.